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Official Logo and Seal

MSU Denver is graphically represented by a set of visual brands: Formal logo, Informal/Athletics logo and our Institutional Seal. Because visual brands often are the first impression we make on key audiences, it is paramount that we adhere to brand standards.

The University’s refreshed, modernized logos and seal reflect the institution’s aspirations for national preeminence. These visual identity elements replace the M bird, M logos and former college seal.

The Metropolitan State University of Denver logo should be used on all University publications, whether in print or electronic form. Officially recognized MSU Denver departments, programs, institutes and staff are authorized to use the logo to represent the University.  Use of the Institutional Seal is reserved for diplomas, transcripts and other official University documents.  Contact Marketing and Communications for questions about seal usage.

For maximum clarity and visibility, care should be taken to ensure that the logo is always readable and that other images or design elements do not visually interfere. The logo should appear in its entirety and should not be combined graphically with another emblem or symbol. Type appearing on the same surface as the logo should not touch the logo or be superimposed over it. The logo should not be altered or distorted in any way and should always be in the styles shown.

The MSU Denver Roadrunner and MSU Denver Wordmark are customized renderings and are proprietary to MSU Denver. DO NOT attempt to recreate any of our signatures by redrawing, typesetting or scanning. Only use approved reproduction artwork available through Marketing and Communications.

Formal logo

University formal thumbnail 184x








The Formal logo is available for download.


Informal/Athletics logo

University informal color thumbnail 125x








Institutional Seal 

 Institutional Seal

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