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Craft Brewing & Pub Operations

Craft breweries and brewpubs have become a significant component of Colorado’s culture and economy. Despite the industry’s high rate of growth, our brewing industry partners have reported a need for university educated employees trained in brewing, brewery operations, sales and distribution, brew pub management and related operations positions.

With multiple degree and non-degree options, the beer industry degrees and certificates in the Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Events blends the art and science of brewing beer with the hospitality knowledge and operational skills required for employment after program completion. Whether you are pursuing your first degree, wanting to enhance a prior degree or seeking professional development, MSU Denver has an opportunity for you to gather distinctive, hands-on education and experiences.

By partnering with the Tivoli Brewing Company, located on the Auraria Campus in the Tivoli Student Union, MSU Denver’s program provides students with access to this 28,000 (annual) barrel capacity brewing, bottling, and distribution center. By integrating training facilities within the commercial brewery and tap house, students hone critical industry skills on high quality large scale and pilot systems. Through this partnership with Tivoli Brewing Company and a host of other Colorado craft brewing and related industry partners, students receive exceptional instruction and experiential learning opportunities from faculty and industry partners that are unmatched by other programs across the country.


A grade of “C” or higher is required for required courses in this major to count toward the Bachelor’s degree. Students should note that programs throughout the University may have different minimum passing grade requirements.

General Studies Courses (34 minimum credits)

Written Communication (minimum 6 semester hours)
-Select any approved General Studies Written Communication courses

Oral Communication (minimum 3 semester hours)
-Select any approved General Studies Oral Communication course

Quantitative Literacy (minimum 3 semester hours)
-MTH 1110 – College Algebra (4 credits) OR
-MTH 1210 – Introduction to Statistics (4 credits)

Arts & Humanities (minimum 6 semester hours)
-PHI 3360 – Business Ethics (3 credits)
-Select any approved General Studies Arts & Humanities course (3 credits)

Historical (minimum 3 semester hours)
-Select any approved General Studies Historical course

Natural & Physical Sciences (minimum 8 semester hours)
-BIO 1080 – General Biology I (3 credits)
-BIO 1090 – General Biology Laboratory I (1 credit)
-BIO 1081 – General Biology II (3 credits)
-BIO 1091 – General Biology Laboratory II (1 credit)

Social & Behavioral Sciences I (minimum 3 semester hours)*
-Select any approved General Studies Social & Behavioral Sciences I course

Social & Behavioral Sciences II (minimum 3 semester hours)*
-Select any approved General Studies Social & Behavioral Sciences II course

Global Diversity General Studies Requirement (minimum 3 semester hours)
-At least one of the courses meeting the Arts and Humanities, Historical, Natural and Physical Sciences, or Social and Behavioral Sciences I & II Designations must be a Global Diversity Course

Total General Studies: 36 – 39 credits

*General Studies Note: While students are free to select from the approved general studies list in the University catalog, the following courses are highly recommended for brew pub operations majors.

  • ECO 2010 – Principles of Macroeconomics (3 credits)
  • ECO 2020 – Principles of Microeconomics (3 credits)

Multicultural Graduation Requirement

Each student must choose at least one of the courses meeting the Multicultural Graduation Requirement. This may be completed within General Studies coursework

Course Work

A. Science

Option I:

  • BIO 2400 General Microbiology 5 credits
    (Prerequisites satisfied in General Studies)
  • CHE 1100 Principles of Chemistry* 4 credits
  • CHE 1150 Principles of Chemistry Laboratory 1 credit
  • CHE 2100 Intro to Organic & Biological Chemistry* 4 credits
  • CHE 2150 Intro to Organic & Biological Chemistry Laboratory 1 credit

Subtotal: 15 credits


Option 2:

  • BIO 2400 General Microbiology 5 credits
    (Prerequisites satisfied in General Studies)
  • CHE 1800 General Chemistry I* 4 credits
  • CHE 1801 General Chemistry Laboratory I 1 credit
  • CHE 1810 General Chemistry II* 4 credits
  • CHE 1811 General Chemistry Laboratory II* 1 credit
  • CHE 3100 Organic Chemistry I* 4 credits

Subtotal: 19 credits


B. Interdisciplinary

  • ACC 1010 Fundamentals of Accounting* 3 credits
  • GEG 1910 Global Water Concerns 3 credits

Subtotal: 6 credits


C. Brew Pub Operations

  • BVG 2015 Beverage Fundamentals 3 credits
  • BVG 2350 Brewery Mechanics 3 credits
  • BVG 3010 Beers of the World* 3 credits
  • BVG 3220 Beer & Food 3 credits
  • BVG 3350 Brewery Operations* 3 credits
  • BVG 3750 Alcohol Beverage Law 3 credits
  • BVG 3950 Beverage Promotion 3 credits
  • BVG 4000 Applied Brewing Operations (Senior Experience)* 3 credits
  • BVG 4010 Beer Styles and Service* 3 credits
  • BVG 4220 Brewing Fermentation* 3 credits
  • BVG 4350 Brewing Science* 3 credits
  • RST 1550 Food Fundamentals 3 credits
  • RST 2550 Food Preparation & Science* 3 credits
  • RST 3600 Cost Controls for Food & Beverage* 3 credits

Subtotal: 45 credits

Major Course Requirement Total: 66 – 70 credits

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