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Student hand-building with clay



The program in Sculpture at MSU Denver offers an inclusive, multidisciplinary alternative to more traditional sculpture programs. The program emphasizes the exploration of ideas through the manipulation of materials and space, placing equal importance on theoretical development and studio production. The Sculpture ideology is built upon these three pillars: installation and object-based practices, digital fabrication and emerging media, craft and the DIY (do-it-yourself) aesthetic. Through this integrated, encompassing approach, the area encourages new kinds of makers to develop work that moves between media and disciplines, work that exists beyond the established boundaries of traditional inquiry. As a student in the Sculpture program you will have the opportunity to discover a range of media and creative practices; develop the skills needed to articulate the concerns of your work; and prepare professional portfolios to apply for opportunities, workshops, and residencies.


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2016 or later BFA in Art

2012 - 2015 BFA in Art - Spatial Media

2006 - 2011 BFA in Art - Spatial Media (Sculpture)





Marin Abell
Assistant Professor
303-615-0921 | AR 187G

Michael Bernhardt
Foundations and Sculpture
Assistant Professor
303-352-7193 | RO 207



The 5000 square foot Sculpture facility includes fully equipped wood and metal studios, classrooms, a state of the art ceramic shell investment room, separate sanding and metal finishing studios, and a fully equipped tool room with  hand, power, and pneumatic tools, and assorted supplies. The wood studio includes table saws, band saws, compound miter saws, assorted sanders, a panel saw, wood lathe, planer, jointer, and several drill presses. The metal facility includes MIG, TIG, Stick, Spot, and Gas welders, a plasma cutter, finger break, step shear, rollers, horizontal and vertical band saws, hydraulic pipe bender, abrasive chop saw, drill presses, and a 2-ton bridge crane throughout. A newly renovated 1000 square foot, fully enclosed sculpture yard will be completed before the Spring 09 semester and will include a fully paved patio, soft metal crucible furnace, burn-out kiln, sand pit, rolling work tables, electric glass kilns, an outdoor welding area, and a fully traversable bridge crane.

Link to the Auraria Sculpture Studios

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