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Students using printmaking press



The Printmaking program embraces a diverse and thorough investigation of fine art printing from a selection of intaglio, relief, lithography, screen printing, and digital printing methods. In this concentration, Printmaking courses will thoroughly expose you to each of the fine art printing processes as well as photographic and digital approaches to creating an image. 

You will be challenged to blend traditional printing methods with innovative interdisciplinary image making that communicates cohesive conceptual and technical development. The printmaking studio creates a community-based environment that supports you in developing the required creative problem-solving skills that will allow you to compare and assess fine art prints from historical, critical, and theoretical perspectives, and evaluate the place of printmaking in the history of art, design, and culture.


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2016 or later BFA in Art

2012 - 2015 BFA in Art -Printmaking

2006 - 2011 BFA in Art - Printmaking






Jade Hoyer
Assistant Professor
303-615-0647 | AR 190



The Printmaking area, housed in a studio of approximately 3300 square feet, is fully equipped for production in intaglio, lithography, screenrprinting, relief and the various photo-mechanical processes. The intaglio section contains two Charles Brand and two Takach presses with bed sizes up to 48” x 96” and etching facilities for zinc and copper. The lithography section has three Takach and one Griffin press with the largest bed size being 40”x72”. The area is equipped for both plate and stone production and contains over fifty stones in various sizes up to 22”x30”. Screenprinting uses four vacuum bases for production up to 30”x44”, making use of water-based technology. Servicing all photo-mechanical processes is an area comprising a complete wet darkroom, a NuArc exposure unit, and a Macintosh computer station supported with an HP laser jet printer, an Epson 7200 ink jet printer, and scanner. Ample workstations support the production of prints ranging in size up to 48”x72”.

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