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Students in Painting classroom giving critique



Painting prepares students to engage in an individual search for meaning and cultural representation through developing strong visual skills, critical reasoning abilities, and broad  historical and social knowledge.

The first courses in the Painting sequence provide lessons in the technical use of materials along with current painting trends and significant techniques from past centuries. Professional expertise is not simply technical training; it is also the development of critical judgment and historical perspective required for convergent thinking. Advanced Painting courses help you develop purpose, direction, and confidence, along with the critical and technical skills necessary to express ideas as a professional artist.


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2016 or later BFA in Art

2012 - 2015 BFA in Art - Painting

2006 - 2011 BFA in Art - Painting






Carlos Fresquez
Painting Coordinator
Associate Professor
303-615-0436 | AR 187J



Students enrolled in all levels of coursework in Painting have access to professional grade Klopfenstein easels and a large painting storage room outfitted with metal storage units for various size works. Advanced Painting students have access to individual lockable taborets. The studio is equipped with a stationary electric miter saw and many hand tools to build stretcher bars or other structural supports. In addition, two-computer stations allow students the opportunity to access the internet for research and scanning imagery.

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