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Faculty Stories

Art Education

Rachael Delaney, Associate Professor - Art Education Coordinator, was honored at the 2017 Colorado Art Education Association fall conference as the Art Educator of the Year. Colleague Dale Zalmstra reflects, "I have known and at times worked with Rachel over a number of years. As an elementary art teacher, I have been the cooperating teacher for her student teachers. I know from the students what the priorities and focus are in their art education classes. I know the efforts Rachel has made to mentor and facilitate the growth of her students. I know she has a very high standards and high expectations for her students. She calls for their best in ways that both inspires and motivates them as they grow in understanding and confidence."

Read the article about Rachel Delaney from the 2017 CAEA Conference.


Studio Art 

Jade Hoyer, Assistant Professor – Printmaking, recently staged an exhibition, "Recurring Dream” at the VAE in Raleigh, North Carolina, an installation responding to the poetry of Katie Byrum. Byrum’s poem, “To the river house” addresses the comfort and limitations of the poet’s Kentucky hometown. Hoyer created installations of tiny suburban houses on individual turf plots which reflects Hoyer's upbringing in the Rust Belt.  

Art Installation by Jade Hoyer, housesHoyer is part of a group exhibition, “Homeward,” which has toured to five venues, including the University of Guam and Arts University Bournemouth, UK. The works have also been collected for the archive at the Zuckerman Museum of Art, Kennesaw State University, Georgia. In the words of the exhibition curators, Mariana Smith and Michael Litzau, the exhibition reflects how “the transition from one’s heritage has a direct influence on how we live and experience our world. Sometimes this departure is traumatic and directly impactful. For some, the journey became lost and is barely influential. Sometimes we know our familial homeland by hearsay or fantasy. By moving, a part of who we are is lost but another part is gained by who we become.” 

A two-person exhibition, “Homemakers,” will also feature Hoyer at the Demo Project in Springfield, IL in December 2017. The work, created in collaboration with artist Tatiana Potts, explores the notion of home, the immigrant experience, and domestic space.

Art Installation by Jade Hoyer, houses

Finally, Hoyer will stage a solo exhibition in November 2017 in Bel Air, Maryland at Harford Community College. Her work, “First and Next” uses classroom materials to address educational opportunity. She will also deliver a lecture to Harford Community College students. One piece in the exhibition incorporates the art of MSU Denver Art students.  


Natascha Seideneck, Visiting Faculty - Photo Area Coordinator, is appearing in gallery shows around Colorado including the exhibit "Art and Conflict" at the Arvada Center through Nov 12th; recently her work was a part of the "Waterline" show at the Center for Visual Arts; and finally she will have a solo show at Seidel City titled "After Nature: The Age of the Anthropocene" opening in December. 

Seideneck was featured in 100 Colorado Creatives in Westword.


Communication Design 

Peter Miles Bergman, Associate Professor - Communication Design, is an exhibitor at the inaugural Chicago Art Book Fair, November 16th – 19th. The first Chicago Art Book Fair is dedicated to showcasing emerging directions and diverse legacies within small press arts publishing. Read more about the fair here: 


Mobile site designed by Shawn MeekShawn Meek , Assistant Professor - Communication Design, was honored by Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) American Web Design Awards 2017. His work, Boyan Slat: UX/UI Design, was published in this annual showcase of the best websites, microsites and apps nationwide. This same work was also recently awarded a Silver by the One Club for Creativity Denver's 2017 Annual Show 





Previous Stories
Art History  

Jillian Mollenhauer, Associate Professor - Art History, Theory, and Criticism, recently presented papers in 2016  at the Association for Latin American Art Triennial Conference: Art at Large: Public and Monumental Arts of the Americas, March 18th-20th, 2016, deYoung Museum, San Francisco; the 2016 Annual Meetings of the Society for American Archaeology, April 6-10, 2016, Orlando, Florida; and the 2nd Annual Research Colloquium for the Rocky Mountain Pre-Columbian Association, September 24, 2016, Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

In 2017 Dr. Mollenhauer will present "Identifying the Quintessence of Olmec Centers in Formative Olman," in the session, "Quintessential Places: Analyzing the Character of Pre-Columbian Sites" at the 2017 Annual Meetings of the Society for American Archaeology, March 29-April 2, 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Summer Trentin, Assistant Professor - Art History, Theory, and Criticism, is presenting a paper titled "Reconstructing Antiquity: Alternative Research Projects in Classical Art and Archaeology" at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South ( at the University of Waterloo in Kitchener, Ontario. She is also working on two articles, one with illustrations by an MSU Denver student, related to her research on domestic decoration in Roman Pompeii. Finally, she and Professor Sandy Lane are preparing to take a study abroad group of 18 MSU Denver art students in Italy in the summer of 2017. 


Jessica Weiss, Assistant Professor - Art History, Theory, and Criticism, presented a paper, titled "Castilian Legacy and Juan de Flandes's Miraflores Copy," at the International Colloquium "Flandes by Substitutuion: Copies of Flemish Masters in the Hispanic World (1500-1700)" sponsored by the Royal Institute of Cultural Heritage (kik-irpa) in Brussels, Belgium, February 9-10th, 2017. 

 Studio Art  

Matt Jenkins, Assistant Professor - Integrated Media, recently showed his work The World’s Largest PDF in an international juried exhibition on Conceptual Art at the CICA Museum in South Korea and will present the same work at the American University in Paris this June for the Arts in Society conference


Tsehai Johnson, Associate Professor - Ceramics, has installed Zest, a permanent commission at the new CU Boulder Village Center Dining and Community Commons building. This work is  a collaboration between Johnson and the chef in consultation with KSQ Architects. The piece explores the explosive flavors and textures of fresh foods and spices. The design originates in the upper left corner of the niche where a plate gradually morphs into to fiery spices, lush flora and bursts of pleasure. In a sense, the plate becomes an explosion of colors, flavors, and textures.


 Artist work, ceramics, plates undulating with food dconstructed

Close up of Zest art

Photo credit - Wes Magyar

5.5’x 8.5’x 6”


Communication Design 

Lisa M. Abendroth, Professor and Communication Design Area Coordinator, recently edited the Public Interest Design Practice Guidebook: SEED Methodology, Case Studies and Critical Issues (Routledge 2016) with coeditor Bryan Bell.


Peter Bergman, Assistant Professor in Communication Design, in November 2016 published a limited  edition art book, titled is EMANCIPATION, and curated a corresponding exhibit of the same name at The Smell – a nationally recognized volunteer run DIY (do-it-yourself) space in Los Angeles, California.  

is EMANCIPATION the book is a 130 pages 2-color letterpress covers printed and hand-bound with a Japanese stitch in an edition of 200. is EMANCIPATION is a 21 year anthology of art intervention and prank collective The Institute of Sociometry edited, designed, and partly authored by Peter Miles Bergman and edited by MCA Denver Curatorial Associate Zoe Larkins. is EMANCIPATION contains the contributions of 11 additional authors ranging from a Guggenheim Fellow, Igor Vamos, to an inmate in the California State Prison System, Charles Twain Clemans, who also contributed the primary illustrations. Peter Bergman and chapter authors Heather Link-Bergman, Zoe Larkings and Jared Jacang-Meyer gave a reading at the Center for Visual Art as part of the Collective Nouns Faculty exhibition on January 18th. 

is EMANCIPATION the exhibit was a three day “pseudo-science fair for free thinking adults” from 11/11-11/13 in which reports documenting interventionist art, topical collage, and intersections of art and social practice were submitted on table-top trifold displays. Additionally, there were lectures, reading and avant-garde noise music curated by Los Angeles musician Zach Lewis. is EMANCIPATION was the sixth iteration of an ongoing quadrennial “Sociometry Fair” series produced by The Institute of Sociometry, which has occurred every four years since 1996.

For more on is EMANCIPATION the exhibit and an essay on DIY culture please see:


Shawn Meek, Assistant Professor - Communication Design, will be presenting a paper entitled ‘Fonts of My Family: The Fleeting Craft of Cursive Writing’ at the 2017 Hawaii University International Conferences on Science, Technology & Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Education (STEM/STEAM) in Honolulu, June 8 - 10, 2017, along with publishing in the conference proceedings.