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Partnerships and Crosslisted courses:

ART 1300 Introduction to Woodworking (with Industrial Design)

ART 3290 Photojournalism I (with Journalism)

ART 4290 Photojournalism II (with Journalism)

ART 3605 Inclusive Music and Art Classroom (with Music)

ART 39AJ Designing for Interaction (with Industrial Design and Computer Science)

ARTH 3060 Art and Music for Elementary Teachers (crosslisted with Music, partnership with Teacher Education)

ARTH 3310 African Art (with African and African American Studies)

ARTH 3360 Chicana/o Art (with Chicana/o Studies)

ARTH 3380 Women's Art/Women's Issues (with Women's Studies)

ARTH 33XX Native American Art (with Native American Studies)

ARTH 3780 Cinema as Visual Art - partnership with English for the Cinema Studies minor

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