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Check back periodically for information on the Fall 2019 Showcase 

The Student Impact and Innovation Showcase took place on Friday, November 9, 2018.  Around 100 students presented on their internships, artwork, service learning projects and much more.  Check out the Showcase program 2018.  



Student Impact and Innovation Showcase

The Showcase is designed for students to showcase their work that does not fall into the research or original scholarly work category.  There are a lot of inspiring projects that MSU Denver students work on that deserve their own event.  Whether it is presenting about an internship or community engagement experience, or showcasing artwork.  This event helps build presentation skills, adds to your resume and hopefully lands some exposure to the project you wish to showcase to the MSU Denver community and outside guests.      

Students are encouraged to start thinking about projects for next year.  Check out the Archive section to get inspired.    

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Save the date for the 2018 Fall Student Impact and Innovation Showcase:  November 9, 2018.