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The Service Learning Program connects faculty and students with community partners for  service-based learning projects related to material covered in a specific class.

Why enroll in a service-learning course?

Service learning courses include assignments that provide an opportunity for students to collaborate with a community partner on a project or activity in a real-world setting. 

 Students who enroll in service–learning courses:

  • Engage directly with communities
  • Apply classroom learning
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience
  • Build skills that both employers and graduate schools expect
  • Earn a special transcript notation for classes
How can I find a service-learning course?

Students can search for service-learning courses in the online class schedule. Select the semester for which you would like to register. Click on the “Service Learning” link to find courses with an “SL” tag. 

Students are also encouraged to contact the Service Learning Specialist at 303-615-1333 to learn more about the service-learning courses that academic departments and programs offer.