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Presenting your Service Learning Projects

Present at the MSU Denver Undergraduate Research Conference

If your project includes research or scholarly activity that contributes to the profession, encourage your students to present at our annual spring conference.  For details go to Undergraduate Research Conference

If your project includes a product (such as art or industrial design), performance (such as theater), or a presentation of a non-research project (similar to a "TED" talk), encourage your students to present at our Student Impact and Innovation Showcase.

Publish It

International Undergraduate Journal for Service-Learning, Leadership, and Social Change is dedicated to providing undergraduate students a venue to discuss their service-learning projects and experiences.

Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning is an open-access journal focusing on research, theory, pedagogy, and other matters related to academic service-learning, campus-community partnerships, and engaged/public scholarship in higher education.

Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research is a refereed, multidisciplinary online undergraduate journal publishing intellectual and reflective work on service learning and community-based research. It is open to undergraduate students in the U.S. and across the globe. The journal is published through the Penn State Berks Center for Service Learning and Community-Based Research.

Share It

Has your class contributed to the community in a meaningful way?  The Early Bird would love to know about it.   Submit your story at

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