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Suggested Reading

  • Abt Associates (for Corporation for National and Community Service) Toolkit for the evaluation of service-learning programs.
    • This organization developed a national program evaluation study.  There is a lot of good detail on methodology and sample assessment instruments.  Unfortunately their funding was cut and they were not able to actually carry out the project.
  • Furco, A. (1996). A balanced approach to experiential education. Washington, DC: The Corporation for National Service.
  • Jacoby, B. (2015). Service-learning essentials: Questions, answers, and lessons learned. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.   - this is a good primer on service learning.
  • Jacoby, B., & Associates (Eds.) (1996). Service-Learning in higher education: Concepts and practices.  [L220.5.S45 1996] 
    • More detail than the 2015 version of Jacoby's work. It has a lot of definitions and criteria such as the Wingspread principles.
  • NYLC Service-Learning Glossary‌ (2005). Saint Paul, MN: National Youth Leadership Council.
  • Principles of Good Practice for Service-Learning , from various sources.
  • Seifer, S. D., & Connors K., (Eds.) (2007). Community campus partnerships for health. Faculty toolkit for service-learning in higher education. Scotts Valley, CA: National Service-Learning Clearinghouse. 
  • Service Learning Magazine produced by the Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility at the University of Alabama.  This periodical has great examples of service learning in a variety of disciplines.
  • Stoeker, R., Tryon, E. A., & Hilgendorf, A. (2009).  The unheard voices: Community organizations and service learning. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2009. Chapter 10 elaborates on the Community Standards for Service Learning.

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