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Hall of Distinction

The Applied Learning Center has been deeply impacted by the work of a wide variety of people at MSU Denver.  The Hall of Distinction celebrates some of the people who have had a particularly important impact on the growth and development of experiential learning at MSU Denver.

Dr. Graham Ignizio 2017

Dr. Graham Ignizio has been the Faculty Associate for Service Learning for 3 1/2 years.  When he joined us, the Service Learning Program had an infrastructure in place. He took that starting point and built faculty awareness and momentum for service learning.  His enthusiasm and support for the program has been a key factor in the growth of service learning at MSU Denver. 

Dr. Sheryl Zajdowicz 2016

Dr. Sheryl Zajdowicz started her involvement with the Undergraduate Research Program by helping coordinate the inaugural Undergraduate Research Conference.  Since then she has increased her involvement and has been the Lead Faculty Associate for the past several years. She has truly embraced the mission of the Applied Learning Center and has become a valuable member of the staff.  

Dr. Randyl Smith 2015

Dr. Randyl (Randi) D. Smith, was a co-founding director of the Center for Urban Connections and was instrumental in developing the Service Learning program for the university.  Dr. Smith has now turned her energies to the 1Book/1Project/2Transform initiative incorporating a campus-wide book selection with an author visit and service project.

Dr. Pamela Ansburg 2014

Dr. Pamela AnsburgDr. Pamela Ansburg was one of the founding Faculty Associates for the Undergraduate Research Program.  It was her vision and leadership that defined the program.   She was instrumental in the development of the highly successful campus-wide research conference and is currently a member of the Undergraduate Research Program Advisory Council. 

Applied Learning Center Awards

Each year we honor people who have contributed to the success of MSU Denver students through the work of the Applied Learning Center.  This year we will be joining the RoadRunners Who Soar event on April 8, 2019 to honor a leader in undergraduate research. 

Undergraduate Research Leadership Award  - MSU Denver faculty members who have influenced undergraduate research through research and leadership activities.



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