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General Studies Requirements Information for Faculty and Staff Advisors

The mission of the General Studies (GS) program is to encourage the habits of mind of an educated person that promote life-long learning. Students will acquire the essential knowledge and develop the critical skills that are of fundamental significance in a free society.

Requirements are tied to students' admitted year, and specific credit-carrying classes are found in their respective Academic Catalog. GS courses and policies are found in the link bar on the left side of the page. 

If you or your student needs more specific guidance, please contact the Academic Advising center, SSB 170; or 303.556.3680.

General Studies Classes pre 2012 catalog

General Studies Classes 2012-2013

General Studies Classes 2013-2014

General Studies Classes 2014-2015

General Studies Classes 2015-2016

General Studies Classes 2016-2017

General Studies Classes 2017-2018

General Studies Categories - New and "Old"

Although the General Studies requirements changed for students with catalog term of Fall 2012 and later, students whose catalog term is Summer 2012 or earlier follow the previous requirements will apply. Please note that the current General Studies program is not split into Level I & Level II. The table is laid out as it is for comparison purposes only.

General Studies Category Comparison
Pre-Fall 2012 Fall 2012 & Later
   Requirement Attribute Hours   Requirement Attribute Hours
Level I Composition CO02 6   Written Communication  WC12 6
Communications CM02 3  Oral Communication  OC12 3
 Mathematics MA02 3   Quantitative Literacy   QR12 3
Level II  Arts & Letters  AL02 6  Arts & Humanities  AH12 6
Historical  HI02 3  Historical  HI12 3
Social Sciences SS02 6   Social & Behavioral Sciences I  SS12 3
 Social & Behavioral Sciences II SB12 3
Natural Sciences  NS02 6 Natural & Physical Sciences  NS12 6
    Global Diversity**  GD12 3
   Multicultural*  MC 3  Multicultural* MC 3
  Total***   33-36 Total***   33-39

 * The Multicultural requirement is not part of the General Studies program. It is a graduation requirement. A course that fulfills the Multicultural requirement can also fulfill a General Studies requirement OR a major requirement OR a minor requirement.

** The Global Diversity requirement is part of the General Studies program. A course that fulfills the Global Diversity requirement can also fulfill another General Studies requirement. Students cannot take a Global Diversity course in the department of the major or minor.

*** The goal is to encourage students to take a Multicultural class that also fulfills another requirement, so that the total number of hours to complete General Studies and Graduation requirements isn't larger. Similarly the goal is to encourage students to complete Global Diversity with a course that also completes another General Studies category. Where this isn't possible or doesn't happen, the total number of hours to complete these requirements increases.

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