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Campus Resources

This is a list of campus services available to MSU Denver Students. Please refer to the Student Handbook for a complete list.

Adaptive Fitness Program


Adaptive Fitness Programs at Campus Recreation provides one-on-one personal training for people with disabilities. Individual programs are designed and implemented to provide a safe, fun and effective workout for recreational center members who need assistance with their workout programs. The program is free of charge for qualified recreation center patrons.

Auraria Library


The Auraria Library is committed to providing all students, faculty, and staff with disabilities equitable access to Library facilities, information resources, services and programs, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) and in support of the academic missions of the three institutions on the Auraria Campus. Please visit our website for a list of available technology and support services.

Career Services

Tivoli 215, 556-3664,

Offers assistance in career interest testing, personality testing, and workshops focused on career planning, resume preparation, jobsearch strategies, and interviewing skills.

Counseling Center

Tivoli 651, 303-615-9988,

Balancing the demands of college life can be difficult. In addition to academic requirements, there are financial pressures, relationship issues, and job stressors that can leave you feeling beat up and worn out. The Counseling Center staff can help you find ways to manage difficult times and provide you with a comforting place to examine your life and learn more about yourself so you can realize your potential.

LGBTQ Student Resource Center

Tivoli 213, 303-556-6333,

The LGBTQ Student Resource Center is a tri-institutional office on the Auraria Campus serving the students, faculty and staff of Metropolitan State University of Denver, Community College of Denver and University of Colorado at Denver. We are available to all Auraria students as a resource for exploring issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Health Center

Plaza Building 150, 303-556-2525,

Open to all MSU Denver students, faculty, and staff. The Health Center provides an accessible outpatient service devoted to helping students meet their health care needs at a low cost.

Healthy Eating Options On Campus

Healthy eating is about eating a variety of foods from all food groups to give you the nutrients you need.  Please visit the following site to learn about healthy eating options on campus including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options,

Institute for Women's Studies and Services

1059 Ninth Street Park, 303-556-8441,

In an attempt to meet the needs of a diverse student population, this program offers a variety of resources, cultural and educational programs, financial information, college entry assistance, and advocacy to the campus community.

Student Activities

Tivoli 305, 303-556-2595,

The Office of Student Activities enriches students’ college experiences by helping them “Get Involved and Learn More” about campus life through dynamic activities such as events, co-curricular opportunities, student organizations, leadership education and volunteer opportunities.

Student Academic Success Center

Student Success Building 230, 303-556-4722,

The mission of the Student Academic Success Center (SASC), a learning assistance center comprised of a collaboration of academic support services, is to provide a holistic approach to student development, learning, and persistence towards academic and personal goal attainment.

Tutoring Center

Student Success 220 , 303-556-6439,

Trained peer tutors help students reach their educational goals. Group, individualized, and walk-in tutoring is available.

Online Tutoring

Available by logging into BlackBoard and selecting "Online Tutoring" in the top right corner of the page.

Writing Center

King Building 415, 303-556-6070,

Trained writing tutors teach students to generate, organize, and develop ideas, to revise and edit with confidence, and to handle issues of format and documentation.

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