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Accommodation Letter Request Form

This form is intended only for use by students already registered with the Access Center. This form needs to be submitted each semester you are requesting accommodations. After submitting this form you will receive an email prior to the start of the semester containing your accommodation letter. Please remember that you are responsible for informing your instructors which approved accommodations you need their assistance with accessing..

* = Required Field

MSU Denver E-mail:*
Cell Phone Number:*
Student I.D.#:*
Accessibility Coordinator:*
Will you be graduating this semester?
Semester Requesting Accommodation:*
Are you taking any online courses this semester?
If YES, please indicate which of your approved accommodations you are requesting for your online course(s). Please remember that some of your approved accommodation may not be applicable to an online course, i.e. access to class notes.
Do you give our office permission to also email a copy of your accommodation letter to each of your course instructors? NOTE: You are still required to inform your instructors which applicable accommodations you expect them to provide to you. If you request your accommodation letter prior to a professor being announced for a course or you change courses, you are responsible for sending your accommodation letter to those professors.

Our office can only provide accommodations for MSU Denver courses. If you are taking a UCD or CCD course, you will need to request accommodations through each institutions respective office. If you are requesting Alternative Text for this semester, please fill out and submit the respective request form. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your accommodations please contact our office to set up a meeting with your coordinator.

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