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Inclusive education for those working towards social equity.

Women's Studies aims at creating a collaborative, inclusive environment that can support you in your studies while working towards your degree.

Women's Studies aims at creating a collaborative, inclusive environment that can support you in your studies while working towards your degree.

The mission of the Institute for Women's Studies and Services is to serve as a feminist hub for transformative education, programming, and advocacy on issues of gender inclusion and social equity.

IWSS is the only department on campus that offers a services component to students on campus, in addition to academics. The Institute, its services, and its classes are open to all gender identities. Whether you want to earn your Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies, a minor in Women's Studies, fulfill your multicultural requirement for graduation, or simply register for some of our classes because of your own interests, our classes are always open.

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Women's Studies aims at creating a collaborative, inclusive environment that can support you in your studies while working towards your degree.




For Immigrants and Members of Vulnerable and Directly Impacted Communities, 

WHEREAS: As a safe space at MSU Denver, we, The Institute for Women’s Studies and Services, must make clear that we stand against all forms of discrimination and maintain an environment where our students can learn free from harassment, threats, and violence. Declaring The Institute for Women’s Studies and Services (IWSS) a sanctuary space will magnify our existing commitment to a vibrant, pluralistic, and inclusive space, which is the heart of our mission at IWSS and crucial of the mission and goals of MSU Denver.

WHEREAS: The recent shifts in the political landscape have produced a general climate of fear among marginalized communities who have heightened concerns about harassment, physical abuse, sexual assault, racial profiling, police brutality, deportation, mandatory registration and other forms of violence. Immigrants, especially undocumented ones, and Muslims have been most directly targeted, though people of color, women, transgender people, members of LGBTQ communities, refugees, Jews, disabled people and others are also affected by recent statements and actions.

WHEREAS: MSU Denver has the largest population of students of color of all four-year institutions in the state, and as such provides educational resources and resources to potentially impacted marginalized populations.

WHEREAS: Our students are expressing heightened fear and worry for themselves, and their friends, families, and communities. That we are entering a period of change and uncertainty, in which the specific details of the impacts to our communities is not yet clear, only adds to the anxiety that our students are experiencing.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: IWSS will not, for the purposes of immigration enforcement, cooperate with the arrest, interview, search and/or surveillance of any member of the MSU Denver community, and if requested to do so, IWSS will explore all legal avenues to protect the safety of its students instead of immediately complying. IWSS will not allow immigration officials in, or share information about any member of the MSU Denver community without their permission, especially regarding immigration status to the fullest extent of the law; and if required by a court order or signed subpoena to do so, IWSS will again explore any and all legal avenues to protect the safety of its students instead of immediately complying.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: IWSS will support undocumented students in their pursuit of their education. This commitment includes continued support in locating additional forms of financial resources for educational expenses.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: IWSS will stand against all forms of discrimination. We commit to protecting the rights of all students, staff, and faculty without regard to his/her/they sex, gender, gender identity and expressions, sexual orientation or preference, race, color, ethnicity, religion, ancestry, national origin, citizen status, age, ability, veteran status, and partnership status.  We also stand against all forms of sexual harassment, gender harassment and sexual violence, as well as all forms of sex and gender discrimination.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: The Faculty and Staff of IWSS supports designating IWSS a “Sanctuary Space.” The faculty and staff of IWSS supports asking MSU Denver's administration to agree to exercise available power to implement this Resolution in order to protect our students, staff, faculty, and others on campus from protected surveillance, intimidation, investigation, deportation or other status-based attacks or discrimination while on campus.


2017 MLK Peace Award Recipient
Maria Rangel Leon

This year, our Social Media Coordinator, Maria Rangel Leon, was awarded the very honorable MLK Peace Award. The annual MLK Peace Breakfast at Metropolitan State University celebrates the philosophy and values of Martin Luther King, Jr. by promoting diversity and equality for all. The MLK Peace Award honors individuals who keep the spirit and dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. alive through their actions and contributions to peace, justice, diversity, equality and social change. We are very proud of Maria and all of the hard work she has accomplished. Her intersectional activism has made an impact on and off campus. Congratulations!

Video produced by John Arnold, MSU Denver Marketing and Communications.

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