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Supplemental Instruction header featuring SI Leaders.

What is Supplemental Instruction?‌

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program that is meant to increase student performance and retention. SI Leaders attend an assigned class with students and provide regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated study sessions. SI Leaders nurture collaborative learning and encourage students to integrate course content with effective learning strategies. Simply put SI Leaders help students learn to be better students.

Program Vision and Mission

Vision: To intentionally assist with the transformation of individuals into lifelong learners and leaders who are able to work collaboratively, in order to support the attainment of individuals and groups personal, academic, and community goals.

Mission: The SI program is a non-remedial, peer-facilitated, collaborative, and active-learning experience, which helps students’ develop as lifelong learners. The program focuses on supporting student success and retention in historically challenging courses through facilitated study sessions and peer mentoring.

Why was my subject selected for SI?

The SI program seeks to support students in historically challenging courses, or courses which have higher rates of D's and F's, higher rates of Withdraws, high enrollment, and/or present challening course content. SI is designed to support classroom learning and is assigned to a subject because of what is being taught, not because of the manner in which it is being taught. SI supports students to become better students. No matter how well you have done in prior courses, in high school, or at other institutions if you regularly attend SI session you WILL do better in the course. Trust us!

Apply to be a SI Leader

The SI program is currently looking for students to serve as SI Leaders (SILs) for the fall semester. Check out more information and apply. 

Re-Application for Current or Former SI Leaders

If you are a current or former SI Leader, and are interested in returning please complete the appropriate reapplication. This is only for current and former SI Leaders. New candidates please click here

Contact Mark Baccei for Re-Application

Summer 2017 SI Supported Courses


Course Section (CRN) SI Leader Location Time
3300 6 (42682) Pao Vang TBA TBA


Course Section (CRN) SI Leader Location Time
1800 1 (42012) Patrick Weinand TBA TBA
1810 1 (42009) Sasha Moonitz SI 3079 T/TR: 1100 - 1300
1810 2 (42188) Sasha Moonitz TBA TBA
3100 1 (42014) Sasha Moonitz SI 3079, SI 3089 M, W/F: 1700 - 1900, 1000 - 1200
3100 2 (42156) Jesse Long TBA TBA
3110 1 (42007) JP Lujan TBA TBA


Course Section (CRN) SI Leader Location Time
1210 1 (41789) Jonathan Grant SSB M/TR: 1230 - 1330
1410  1 (41773) Brianne Anderson SI 1010 M/T/TR: 1230 - 1330

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