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MSU Denver is conducting a national search for its next presdint.

Charge to the Presidential Search Committee

The Board of Trustees of Metropolitan State University of Denver appreciates the Presidential Search Committee’s commitment to the important work that will lead to the appointment of its next president. The following charge outlines the Board’s expectations with respect to the search process, confidentiality expected of the Committee, and the authority granted to the Search Committee.

  1. The Search Committee will adopt a timeline for the search that will permit the appointment of a President by February 10, 2017, or as soon thereafter as possible.
  2. The Search Committee will conduct an active national search to attract a diverse group of highly qualified candidates.
  3. The Search Committee Chair will make periodic reports about the progress of the search to members of the MSU Denver community using the presidential search website and to the Board of Trustees through the Chair of the Board.
  4. The Search Committee will observe strict confidentiality in the conduct of the search. Any member of the Committee who breaches confidentiality may be removed from the Committee by the Search Committee Chair without replacement.
  5. The Search Committee will evaluate candidate applications and participate in initial interviews of candidates. The Search Committee Chair will discuss with the Committee and communicate to the Board the most efficacious process for finalist interviews that yields the best candidate for MSU Denver.
  6. The Chair of the Search Committee will meet with the Board of Trustees after the initial interviews to summarize the work of the committee and to recommend up to five unranked finalists for the Board’s consideration.

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