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Welcome to One World One Water Center for Urban Water Education and Stewardship


‌‌‌Colorado faces drought one month and floods the next. With the population of Colorado expected to drastically increase in the next thirty years, it is critical to keep track of our water resources and supply. A primary step to enhancing water stewardship is to inform and educate communities about how much water is consumed during daily activities. OWOW hopes to bring awareness to the environmental impact of our daily routines. Do you know how much water is needed to create one pair of jeans? Or to create a gallon of gasoline? #knowyourfootprint

Egg and Water   #knowyourfootprint
Bulb and Water


Mission Statement

The One World One Water Center for Urban Water Education and Stewardship at Metropolitan State University of Denver strives to prepare an educated, empowered, solution-oriented Colorado citizenry to protect and preserve our precious water resources. MSU Denver fulfills the mission in three ways:

  • Offer an interdisciplinary, hands-on Water Studies minor for students from diverse backgrounds and in any major;
  • Provide co-curricular enrichment activities to the entire student population of the Auraria Campus, which includes MSU Denver, the University of Colorado – Denver, and the Community College of Denver;
  • Enhance water stewardship on and beyond campus for the effective use of water resources.

The Water Studies Minor will provide students with skills necessary to become more knowledgeable of Colorado’s limited water resources, and how to preserve this most precious resource


"A good steward learns about our most precious natural resource - water, and reaches out to put that knowledge into action. Colorado's future will be shaped by our students, and their stewardship will determine the fate of our rivers, lakes and groundwater."
- Tom Cech, Director of the OWOW Center



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One World One Water Center for Urban Water Education and Stewardship

Metropolitan State University of Denver
Campus Box 8
PO Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217-3362
Phone: 303-352-7400

Campus Location

1045 9th Street
Denver, CO 80217
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Tom Cech, Director 
970-371-9598 cell
303-352-4468 office 

Nona Shipman, Manager 

Ale Brown, Graphics and Event Specialist