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Information Sessions

MSU Denver and the Admissions Process

Find out what makes MSU Denver a great educational value and why students choose us over other schools in the state. Learn what’s required for admission and how to apply. You are encouraged to apply today and save the application fee, in the Admissions Application Center, on the first floor of the Student Success Building.


Financial Aid Information

This is a brief introduction to the financial aid process. Find out how and when to apply, get helpful tips and hear about types of available aid, such as scholarships, grants, loans and work study. Financial aid experts will be there to assist those applying for financial aid for the 2016-2017 academic year. Please bring a copy of your federal 2015 income tax return with you if you plan on getting assistance in completing the federal aid application (FAFSA).


What to Expect Your First Semester

Get tips from the experts! Join us as actual first-semester MSU Denver students share their personal tips about the fears, joys, perils, expectations and adjustments involved in being a first-semester student. You'll also have the opportunity to experience being an MSU Denver student through a brief “Mock Lecture” from one of our professors.


Be A First Year Success

Set a foundation for university success by registering for a First Year Success (FYS) Learning Community. We are able serve every incoming freshman! Stop by our information session today and meet FYS Student Ambassadors, to learn why students who participate in a Learning Community earn a higher GPA (on average).


Nursing Information

Find out about education options, prerequisites and future employment opportunities in nursing.


Academic and Career Planning-The Key to College Success

Choosing your college major and future career path are important decisions for any college student. This information session will provide an overview on strategies for selecting your major, learning about occupations and preparing for your future career. This process starts as soon as you arrive on the college campus, come let us help you get a head start.


After You’ve Been Admitted to MSU Denver: On Your Way to Becoming a Roadrunner

As the star of your own future, you bring the motivation and talent for your educational success. Now that you’ve been admitted to MSU Denver, we’re ready to help you with the process. Just follow these steps to success and you’ll be on your way to achieving your academic goals.


Academic Accommodations and Supports for Student with Learning Needs

The Access Center at MSU Denver will provide an overview of the resources and accommodations available to student with disabilities at the college level.  Learn about the process of how to access accommodations and technology that provide equal access to MSU Denver’s academic programs, services and activities.  This a great session for students who have received services through an IEP or 504 plan or have a history of disability that impacts learning.


Earth and Atmospheric Sciences - What does that mean?

Are you interested in thunderstorms and tornados or global climate change? Do you want to know what minerals are in what rocks? Are you fascinated by volcanoes or earthquakes? Have you thought about how to solve the issues related to water quality or water access? Do you care about the habitat for plants and animals? Are you concerned about sustainability issues? Did you know that you can map pandemics? If you are interested in the world around us, please come to the open session to learn more about the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department and the majors we have to offer!



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Special Accommodations
If you require special accommodations, please notify the Office of Admissions at 303-556-3058.

For more information
about the MSU Denver Open House, call 303-556-3058 or email: