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Rachel B. Noel Distinguished Visiting Professorship,  Metropolitan State University of Denver honors the legacy of activism, advocacy, and community service embodied by Professor Noel since 1981 through the Rachel B. Noel Distinguished Visiting Professorship.

About the Committee

The Rachel B. Noel Distinguished Visiting Professorship is an annual event that has a standing committee to plan the activities and events relating to the the professorship. Members of the committee consist of faculty, staff, and students of MSU Denver as well as community members committed to preserving and advancing the legacy of Professor Rachel B. Noel. 

Committee Members

Myron Anderson, Ph.D., Committee Chair
Alton Clark Mark Koester, Ph.D. Evonna Ramirez
Wilton Flemon, Ph.D Hsiu-Ping Liu, Ph.D. Nicholas Recker, Ph.D.
Joan Foster, Ph.D. Andrea Maestrejuan, Ph.D. Arlene Sgoutas, Ph.D.
Aaron Futrell Lupe Martinez, Ph.D. Julie Sharer-Price
Kara Halley, Ed.D. Barbara McKenzie, Ed.D. Tiffany Snell
Robert Hazan, Ph.D. Percy Morehouse, Ph.D. Akharali Thobhani, Ph.D.
Kylie Henson Douglas Mpondi, Ph.D. Gwen Thompson
Henry Jackson Jr., Ph.D. Angela Noel Jeremy VanHooser
Ting Jiang, Ph.D.  Buddy Noel, J.D.   

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