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Flags of Nations in the College of Business

International Business

Program Options

Students can expand their career opportunities by gaining knowledge of other cultures, building cross-cultural communication skills and developing awareness of the social, cultural and economic characteristics of other countries

Bachelor of Science - International Business

This program prepares students with an understanding of global business and knowledge in a functional area of business.  Students will be prepared to apply for job positions in companies that are engaged in international trade. 

Bachelor of Arts - Global Business Studies 

This degree program prepares students with an understanding of multiple cultural perspectives along with knowledge of how a global business operates.  Students will be prepared to apply for job positions in global non-=profits, NGOs, diplomatic organizations, trade specialists, and companies engaged in global business. 

Minor International Business

This minor is intended for non-business majors who want to add some study of business from an international perspective to their degree programs. An International Business minor will give non-business students an overview of the functions of companies and provide them information about doing business in an international context.

Concentration International Business

The International Business Concentration offers business majors an opportunity to add an international component to their degree program. It provides basic information to students to help them gain entry into international business positions.

The International Business Concentration will provide business students with detailed information about the functions of business that play an important role in the international business arena.


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