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Pre-Healthcare Minor Requirements

The Pre-Health Care minor offers students several courses needed to pursue an advanced degree in the health sciences and/or completing prerequisites for post-baccalaureate healthcare programs. Students who plan to pursue attendance at a medical school, physician assistant program, physical therapy doctoral program, or other related graduate programs find this minor helpful in addressing the required prerequisite courses.

Potential majors to complement this minor include, but are not limited to, Anthropology, Health Care Management, Integrative Therapeutic Practices, Psychology, and Sociology. This minor can not be used with a Biology major.


  • Students planning to transfer into an undergraduate nursing program should contact the Department of Nursing at 303-556-4391.
  • Students planning to complete a Bachelor's degree before applying to the MSU Denver Accelerated Nursing Program should contact the Department of Nursing at 303-556-4391
  • Students can also see their major advisor for assistance with this program
  • Students with majors in the health professions should contact the Department of Health Professions at 303-556-3130.
  • Students with a major in Nutrition (HND) should contact the Department of Nutrition at 303-352-7008.



  • ‌Completion of this minor does not guarantee admission into any nursing program
  • Students are responsible for contacting the nursing program to which they are applying regarding specific prerequisite courses required by that program
  • Students must select 21 credit hours from the following courses including at least 3 hours of upper division credit. Courses used for a major or minor other than the Pre-Health Care Minor or used to satisfy the General Studies requirements cannot be used for the Pre-Health Care Minor.



Course Number Course Description Course Credit(s) Semester Offered
BIO 2310 Human Anatomy and Physiology I* 4 FA, SP, SU
BIO 2320 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 FA, SP, SU
BIO 2400 General Microbiology* 5 FA, SP, SU
PSY 2210 Psychology of Human Development* 3 FA, SP, SU

 * Courses requiring additional prerequisites.


(at least 3 credit hours must be upper division)

Course Number Course Description Course Credit(s)

Semester Offered

ANT 3480 Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness 3 FA, SP, SU
BIO 1080 General Biology I 3 FA, SP, SU
BIO 1090 General Biology Laboratory I 1 FA, SP, SU
BIO 1081 General Biology II* 3 FA, SP, SU
BIO 1091 General Biology Laboratory II* 1 FA, SP, SU
BIO 3320 Advanced Human Physiology* 4 FA
BIO 3350 Immunology* 4 FA, SP
BIO 3980 Cooperative Education: MedVantage Nursing Internship 3 FA, SP, SU
BIO 4450 Pathogenic Microbiology* 5 FA, SP
CHE 1100 Principles of Chemistry 4 FA, SP, SU
CHE 1150 Principles of Chemistry Laboratory 1 FA, SP, SU
CHE 1800 General Chemistry I 4 FA, SP, SU
HCM 3020 Management Principles in Health Care* 3 FA, SP, SU
HCM 3500 Health Care Research Methods* 3 FA, SP, SU
ITP 1700 Medical Terminology 2 FA, SP, SU
ITP 2500 Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies 3 FA, SP, SU
ITP 2700 Holistic Health 3 FA, SP, SU
ITP 3700 Physiology of Aging 3 FA, SP, SU
MTH 1210 Introduction to Statistics 4 FA, SP, SU
NUT 2040 Introduction to Nutrition* 3 FA, SP, SU
PHI 1030 Ethics 3 FA, SP, SU
PSY 2310 Introduction to Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences 3 FA, SP, SU
SPA 1004 Conversational Spanish for Medical Professions I 3 FA, SP, SU
SPA 1005 Conversational Spanish for Medical Professions II 3 FA, SP, SU
SPA 1010 Elementary Spanish I 5 FA, SP, SU
SPA 1110 Basic Conversational Spanish I 3 FA, SP, SU



* Courses requiring additional prerequisites.
To print a copy of the minor requirements for personal use, please click HERE.


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