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Your Gifts at Work

The continuing success of MSU Denver will depend increasingly on private support from alumni and friends of the University. Gifts help to create strategic programs that meet the University's ongoing needs and greatly enhance its academic mission. MSU Denver uses these gifts to meet changing needs and address new opportunities. Your gifts support:

  • Scholarships and financial aid for deserving students, attracting and retaining students who are highly motivated to achieve their educational goals;

  • Faculty professional development and curriculum enhancement, which helps to continue MSU Denver's legacy of providing academic excellence in our unique urban environment;

  • Visiting lecturers, writers, artists and performers to enrich the education of students and our community;

  • Technology, which equips students and faculty to make important academic advances and prepares students to excel in a demanding work environment;

  • Special projects and programs which enhance the MSU Denver experience, such as the Center for Visual Art and the Rachel B. Noel Endowed Professorship.

Whether you give through the Annual Fund Call Center, in response to an Annual Fund letter or email or you donate at Make A Gift, you are helping students by contributing to the excellence of MSU Denver.

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