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We Made a Change

Image of announcement of prefix name change from SPE to CAS, effective Fall 2016.

Beginning Fall 2016, the Speech Communication major will be called Communication Studies. The new name better reflects the diversity of content our program has to offer. With the name change comes a new course prefix. Beginning in the Fall, the SPE prefix will be replaced by CAS.

‌Name change goes into effect Fall 2016.

Note: when registering for classes in the Fall, look for CAS courses because SPE will not be an option.

While the prefix is changing, course numbers will remain the same. This means that SPE 1010 is the same course as CAS 1010. We have also updated the titles of some of our courses, but this does not mean you have to retake the course. For example, anyone who has taken SPE 1301 - Communication Theory does not need to take CAS 1301 - Perspectives on Communication.

Please plan to attend the many events planned to celebrate the name change. If you have questions, stop by CN 120 and/or call 303-556-3033 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Recent Communication Arts & Sciences alum Zena Dyson is making the news!

She was recently profiled in the Early Bird and the Denver Post

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