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Welcome to the Criminal Justice and Criminology Department!

Criminal justice and criminology is a fast-growing field where students can explore the functions of, and interactions among, police, courts, and corrections systems. Class offerings are a varied blend of theoretical examination and practical application, ranging from human behavior and social structure to management principles and supervisory skills. The Criminal Justice and Criminology Department recognizes that each of us is a teacher as well as a student. It operates as a diverse community that embodies passion, commitment, civility, integrity, and mutual respect. The CJC faculty and staff provide opportunities for collaboration, renewal, and scholarship in academic preparation for responsible, equitable and moral administration of justice. The CJC faculty are committed to leadership in the community and to examination and assessment of the criminal justice paradigm. See Criminal Justice and Criminology for general information on the department. 




Study Abroad in the Netherlands (Fall 2017)

Summer 2017 Classes

  • If you plan to graduate sooner, you may want to take some classes during the summer. For more information, see Summer 2017 Classes.

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Career Events

  • If you want to learn about law school, you may want to consider attending 2017 Denver Law Pipeline Conference, which will be held in DU Law School. For more information, see 2017 Denver Law Pipeline Conference
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