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Sustainable Development Incubator

The individualized degree program incubator in sustainable development provides a multidisciplinary professional education that integrates physical and social science with planning and spatial analysis as a foundation for understanding problems and implementing solutions to improve the quality of the built environment, in ways that promote sustainability and social justice.  The curriculum offers courses in the socio, economic, and ecological dimensions of sustainability to reflect the increased need for professionals versed in the crucial, emerging field of sustainable development. The major provides the analytical tools for understanding the causes and magnitude of environmental problems as well as the effective professional skills required to address unsustainable practices. The major prepares students for a professional practice to initiate, foster and manage the pace of change needed to transition to sustainability. The major is broad in scope and can be applied to a number of career objectives and graduate school programs. Professional opportunities exist in different areas such as urban and regional planning, environment and resource management, sustainable business practices, education, and a variety of other interrelated fields. 

This program is an extended major that does not require a minor.

For more information, please download the flyer below:

Sustainable Development Incubator

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