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What is the Individualized Degree Program?

The Individualized Degree Program (IDP) at MSU Denver offers students the opportunity to propose a major or minor specifically designed to meet their educational goals if those goals cannot be met by formal curricula described in our catalog.

Individualized Degree Program Highlights

  • The Goals of the Individualized Degree Program (IDP)
  • IDP Requirements & Policies
  • STEPS for the Development and Approval of an Individualized Degree Program
  • Questions to Assist You in Your Planning


The IDP enables you to:

  • Design an educational program to meet your specific educational needs and goals,
  • Achieve excellence in your chosen field of study,
  • Increase your capacity for commitment, critical thinking, and problem-solving,
  • Become a more confident and capable self-directed, lifelong learner,
  • Understand, synthesize, and apply perspectives and information from diverse fields of study,
  • Link theory and practice, integrating learning gained in the classroom with experience gained in the workplace and community.

In addition to meeting your specific educational goals, the IDP provides you the opportunity to build your own coherent and integrated educational program on a strong liberal arts foundation to enable you to "communicate and reason effectively as a culturally and economically literate citizen in a multicultural, global and technological society" and to be a "well educated, critically thinking citizen who contributes and participates in meaningful ways in community and civic life."1

The IDP also serves as an incubator for new academic programs at the University, allowing the University to respond quickly to changing needs in the community and workplace.

1 Quotations from the operational role and mission statement, MSCD Trustees Policy handbook, September 2004.