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2013 Course Redesign Initiative

Participant List and Project Titles



Course Number(s) 

Course Name(s) 

Additional Faculty
Mark Segall Computer Information Systems   CIS 3300 Managerial Statistics  
Cheryl Comstock Journalism and Technical Communication  COM 3470  

Writing for Interactive Media

Peggy O'Neill-Jones
Malinda Jones Early Childhood Education ECE 4370/80, & ECE 4330 Integrated Curriculum and Technology & Math, Science, and Health Dennis Corash and Vicki Nilles
Philip Bernhardt  Teacher Education  EDS 3210 Classroom Management, Assessment, and Planning  Kathryn Young
Pamela Troyer  English  ENG 2100 Introduction to Literary Studies  Jessica Parker
Stella Todd  Geography  GEG 1220  Map Use  Claire Hay
Nancy Sayre  Health Professions  HCM 3700 Health Disparities in the U.S.  Jeffrey Helton
Patricia Richard  History  HIS 1220  US History Since 1865 Laresh Jayasanker
Shawn Worthy  Human Services  HSP 2040  Family Systems  
Emily Matuszewicz  Health Professions  ITP 2700  Holistic Health   Carol Jensen
Apryl Brodersen  Management  MGT 3530 Human Resource Management  Cindy Sutton
Bill Carnes  Management  MGT 4640 Employee Training & Development  
Lynn Dexter  Health Professions  NUT2040 Introduction to Nutrition  Jerald Foote
Cynthia Dormer  Health Professions  NUT 3400 Nutrition & Weight Management  
Ting Jiang  Sociology  SOC3590  Social Statistics  
Ana-Maria Medina  Modern Languages  SPA 3110 Advanced Spanish Conversation Graham S. Ignizio & María Rey-López
Christian Itin  Social Work SWK 3780 & SWK 3790 Research in Social Work & Social Welfare Policy  Dawn Matera