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Featured Mentor

Every couple of months the Undergraduate Research Program likes to recognize MSU Denver faculty and staff who are fantastic mentors of undergraduate research whether being in a classroom setting or outside of class.  See the navigation on the left for past Mentor recipients.

Congratulations to Dr. Aaron Brown for being 2015 Fall semester's Featured Mentor. 


Dr. Aaron Brown, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Brown (right) with some of his students on-site.

Photo courteous of Dr. Brown

‌When asked why he participates as a faculty mentor for undergraduate research, Dr. Brown responded:‌

In my role as an associate professor and program coordinator at MSU Denver, I work closely with my students both as their instructor and often as a mentor. It is my personal goal to inspire them to higher levels of awareness of their capabilities and how they, as future engineers, can help society solve some of the world’s pressing challenges.  I work to create opportunity that challenges them then act as a trusted guide through the process that provides. I believe that students grow best through engaged projects and so I encourage students to work on interesting extracurricular undergraduate research projects.

Dr. Brown's students with a solar furance used to help low-income communities reduce their energy bills. 

Photo courteous of Aaron Brown


Undergraduate research projects that Dr. Brown has mentored:

His most recent project is focused right here in Denver where is working on solar furnaces to help a low income community reduce their energy bills. This project was recently was featured on NPR, the Denver Post and earned him the title "Community Game Changer of the Month" from CBS Denver. 

Dr. Brown has come to the realization that 90% of the engineering is intended for just 10% of the world’s people, he now focuses his energy on work in the realm of Humanitarian Engineering and appropriate design and has a PhD in the study of sustainable community development.  Below is a list of current and past projects he has been involved with. ‌

  • Solar furnace community project (making solar furnaces from soda cans to help lower heating bills in a poor neighborhood)
  • Solar hot water heater for school in Costa Rica
  • Water filtration device built from materials that can be easily located locally and plans in Nepalese to distribute in rural Nepal villages to help with earthquake recovery
  • Solar Water distillation unit
  • Electric Car Design
  • Assistive Technology projects to help people living with physical challenges
  • WindMill power generator
  • Hydrogen gas production machine
  • Small scale Dynamometer 
  • Autonomous robot
  • Thermal analysis research on solar heater performance
  • Water cleaning mechanism to filter trash from Cherry Creek




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