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“This program is about cultivating connections and creating opportunities for learning; it's about making the MSU Denver experience possible for thousands of students to come. The impact of the Annual Fund is immeasurable and your gift is furthering our goals as students and as a University. Thank you for answering my call and transforming my life by sharing your story.

Krista M. | Junior | Fundraising and Promotional Strategies

Reach-a-Roadrunner, MSU Denver's Student Call Center, is a crucial component of the University's Annual Giving program. A group of hard-working MSU Denver students serve the University by reaching out to Roadrunner alumni to build, grow and enhance their relationships with the institution, and raise private support that allows MSU Denver to transform lives.

Our student callers work year-round to provide alumni with all the information necessary to stay connected with MSU Denver. We contact you for a variety of reasons: to connect with those who matter most to MSU Denver, to share with you the exciting things that are happening across campus, to raise money for different causes and to exchange stories between an alumnus and a student. Whether it is reminiscing about your time on campus, getting advice about life after graduation or hearing about your favorite professor, we love getting to know you. And yes, you will be asked to make a gift.

Alumni gifts, regardless of size, leave a lasting impression. But the impact of a conversation with a student goes well beyond that of a dollar.  We invite you to answer our call and to share with us what being a Roadrunner means to you.

Share your story and help us write our own.

Every Gift. Any Size.

Alumni giving is not about how much you contribute; it's simply about the fact that you do. Did you know that alumni donor participation is a component of how institutions are ranked? It also influences our admissions applicant pool. That means a gift of even $1 has a lasting impact on MSU Denver and on the value of your degree! 

Answer the Call.

Pick up your phone and chat with us. We encourage you to take just ten minutes from your evening to come back to campus during our conversation: tell us about what you are doing now and what path you took to get there; give us advice on some of the useful life lessons you have learned along the way; but most of all, talk with us because we remind you of you -- a hard-working student who has big plans for the future. 


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