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On April 27, 2017, MSU Denver Day of Giving will encourage alumni, faculty, staff, students, and community members to support a variety of campus projects. Our goal is to reach 350 donors in just ONE DAY to support these campus projects! Organizations from across the campus community have applied for "grants" that will be awarded based on the funds raised over the course of the day. You can read about each project below or by visiting

Make your gift. Join the race. Transform lives.

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The Puksta Foundation provides scholarships, mentorship, and experiential community engagement for Colorado undergraduates. Each year, a new cohort of scholars who exhibit a strong commitment to service and civic responsibility are selected to join the Puksta Scholar Program. Scholars participate in a rigorous and rewarding four-year program designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to become catalysts for lasting positive change in the community.

Learn more about the Puksta Scholars Program | Support the Puksta Scholars

MSU Denver wants all of our veteran and military students to successfully and smoothly navigate their academic career. In an effort to strengthen our support for veteran and Military Students, MSU Denver's Veteran and Military Student Services has created a Veteran and Military Student Fund.
Entirely dependent upon donations, the fund has been established to assist veteran and military students in the following ways:

  • Direct Student Support
    • Emergency funds for housing assistance, purchasing books, etc. in the event of benefit delays and in-between semesters
    • Send student veterans to conferences
    • Cover SALUTE National Honor Society dues for eligible student veterans
  • Veteran and Military Student Center Improvements
    • Computers, loaner laptop, new furniture
    • Food for Student Veteran Orientations, Veteran Graduation Ceremony brunch and Lunch & Learn events
    • Branded items for veteran students

YOU can support current and graduating MSU Denver Veteran and Military Students by purchasing an EXCLUSIVE MSU Denver CHALLENGE COIN. These challenge coins will be presented to veteran students at our 7th Annual Veteran's Graduation Ceremony on May 11, 2017.

Support Veteran and Military Services

The Family Literacy Program at Metropolitan State University of Denver has been building the literacy skills of families since 1994. The Program works to educate families and students alike, with an aim to prevent intergenerational illiteracy. The Family Literacy Program offers multiple home and school based literacy programs, all with the aim of promoting learning within a family context. Reaching parents during those early childhood years is critical for literacy development. The FLP builds parental knowledge, teaches language and ways to increase its usage, and encourages a supportive home environment that promotes academic success.

Many studies support the notion that parent education and involvement impact students’ success in school. With this in mind, FLP focuses on the entire family and educates parents or caregivers not only in adult basic education and their own language acquisition, but also in supporting their children’s development and literacy skills. There are four major programs (below) that form the corps of the Family Literacy Program’s commitment to educating families and students.

Support the Family Literacy Program

The Alternative Break Program (ABP) gives students an opportunity to get involved and make a difference in local and national communities addressing a variety of social and environmental issues. ABP trips are student lead and planned. Currently, we are offering trips during spring and winter breaks. Most of the trips focus on issues that face us here in the Denver Metro area but we are also planning to branch out to offer out-of-state trips as well.

Student leaders plan an alternative break trip that focuses on some type of social or environmental issue. They select one or more organizations to work with during the trip. The trips are a combination of education and direct service on the issue(s) being addressed.

Learn more about Alternative Spring Break | Support the Alternative Spring Break Program

The MSU Denver Strength & Conditioning Program and its coaches are tasked with the training and development of 230 athletes, spread across 16 NCAA Division II varsity teams who compete for the MSU Denver Athletics Department. Daily, 160 athletes utilize our training program, equipment and facilities, beginning at 5:00 am, with our final team leaving the weight room at 6:30 pm. Our program has 1 committed volunteer, part-time assistant and 1 full-time head strength and conditioning coach with a tenure of 4 years in the position, in addition to another 3 years as a human performances and sport medicine adjunct faculty member.

It is our vision to become a premiere program nationwide but, we understand that we have to “crawl before we can walk.” In order to achieve our vision, we know that we will have to adhere to our mission statement daily, as well as market our program to visionaries who might consider lending the support needed to obtain tangible resources for premiere program building.

The purpose of THIS project is to create a fully functional and fully equipped weight room within the confines of the current room. MSU Denver Strength and Conditioning wasn’t fully equipped during its inception. Basic everyday needs (ie lifting belts, med balls, bands, etc) where grandfathered from a random mix of previous sport’s supply within the past 5-10 years. Also, due to the bidding process, the higher quality equipment was replaced with cheaper equipment, and that equipment is begging to break after one year. Full funding of this project would provide MSU Denver Strength and Conditioning with the top quality infrastructure to assure the current weight room can optimally, and safely handle our 600+ athlete a week workload.

Support Strength and Conditioning

It’s no secret that higher education is the ticket to a better life. Students who attain degrees -- two-year, four-year or postgraduate -- earn more and live longer. College helps families pull out of poverty and the effects of education are felt across communities and through generations.
62% percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid at MSU Denver. 78.2% of students apply for need-based aid and only 6.2% have that need fully met. Paying for a college education can be a struggle.

But it doesn't have to be.

Scholarship support makes attending MSU Denver possible and spares graduates from excessive and debilitating debt. We want Roadrunners to do the work that excites them. By keeping student loans to a minimum, we free our graduates to go on to postgraduate work, engage in public service and pursue their professional passions—all of which will maximize their ability to contribute significantly to their communities and to the world.

Plant the seed today and watch it grow into opportunity that will TRANSFORM ROADRUNNER LIVES!

Support Student Scholarships

 The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) is a learning assistance center comprised of numerous programs designed to help students achieve their dreams of attaining a higher education. These service programs offer students a well-rounded and diverse instructional atmosphere, in which they have the recourses to overcome any of the daily challenges that come with seeking a degree.

Your Day of Giving gift can support scholarships for students in the following programs:

Fostering Success The University’s Fostering Success program supports independent MSU Denver students who come from foster care, kinship care, or group homes.

Immigrant Services The Immigrant Services Program serves MSU Denver’s refugee and immigrant students (including ASSET and DACA) and any student whose first or home language is not English.

Brother to Brother Brother to Brother (B2B) is an Urban Male Initiative Program that is designed to assist students to build strong study habits, organizational skills, and test taking skills.

College Completion This program helps students resolve specific issues, attain academic success, and graduate from MSU Denver.


Learn more about SASC | Support the SASC

The Summer Science Programs at MSU Denver were established in 1993 by Dr. Larry Johnson and Dr. Joseph Raab to offer engaging learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for high school and middle school students in Metro Denver. For 23 years, these programs have improved teaching and learning in STEM disciplines by developing partnerships with school districts, teachers, and community organizations. They foster an understanding of essential science and mathematics skills for students, while increasing interest in STEM. Additionally, they work to combat summer slide and the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains made during the previous school year and address the underrepresentation of minorities and females in STEM fields by actively recruiting students from these populations throughout Metro Denver.

The Summer Science Programs consist of a program for middle school students Summer Science Institute (SSI) and one for high school students Summer Science Scholars. Both Summer Science Programs are designed to be experiential learning based. The late Dr. Johnson, founder and former director, believed students have a better chance of retaining information if they participate in an activity, rather than have a teacher just tell them the facts.

Summer Science Institute (SSI) enrolls students entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, and participants explore fun applications of math and science in an exciting, hands-on, and team-oriented atmosphere. The program runs for two weeks, four hours per day, with 10 distinct sessions. The Summer Science Scholars (SSS) high school program goal is to prepare students for success in entry level college courses leading to degrees in STEM. SSS provides students with three weeks of full day sessions and focuses on engaging students as participants in faculty research projects.

Support SSI | Support SSS

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