Re-admission Guidelines

If it’s been fewer than three semesters since you last attended MSU Denver, you need not reapply. Please contact us for assistance with reenrollment.

If three or more semesters have lapsed since your last attendance at MSU Denver, you must reapply. Former students who originally attended MSU Denver prior to 1998 must resubmit all credentials prior to re-admission.

Students who have never submitted final, official high school transcripts or an official GED score report must also submit these credentials prior to re-admission. Your admission counselor will assist you if this is the case.

No application fee is required if you have an academic record at MSU Denver. You may use the code transform on the online application to have your fee waived.

Name Change

If your name has changed since the last time you were here, you must submit an official name change document, such as a marriage license.

Balance Due Holds

If you have a balance due hold on your record from your previous time at the University, you must resolve this hold with the Bursar's Office prior to re-admission.

Transfer Credits

If you attended any collegiate institutions since your last enrollment, please request that all official transcripts be sent to the following address for a transfer credit evaluation:

Metropolitan State University of Denver
Office of Admissions
Campus Box 16, P.O. Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217-3362

Financial Aid

If you were a financial aid student during your previous enrollment here at MSU Denver, we recommend you contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to check your status.

Phone: 303-556-5893, Option 1


Location: SSB 130, Area 6

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