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Transfer Students

Don't just transfer...transform

The Office of Transfer Services helps students successfully transfer from other colleges into Metropolitan State University of Denver, where they can transform their lives while transforming credit hours into degrees.

More transfer students chose MSU Denver than any other four-year institution in the state. According to the Colorado Community College System, MSU Denver has been Colorado’s No. 1 destination for transfer students for seven years in a row.

In fact, transfer students consistently represent more than 50 percent of all of the University’s new students.


Top Reasons to Transfer to MSU Denver

Over the past 50 years, tens of thousands of students have transferred to MSU Denver. Here are the main reasons why:

  • MSU Denver offers the lowest tuition of the state’s five largest universities; Forbes lists the University among the nation’s top four-year colleges for return on investment.
  • Students here learn from professors, not graduate students.
  • Even with an enrollment of 22,000, our classes average 20 students.
  • MSU Denver values diversity and inclusivity. More than 35 percent of our students are students of color and 33 percent of our students are the first in their families to attend college. 
  • The University offers degree options as unique as our students and their ambitions; our students can choose from more than 200 majors, minors, concentrations and certificates, or even design their own degrees through our Individualized Degree Program.


Contact Us Today

Connect with MSU Denver's transfer student admissions professionals at 303-556-3774 or to learn how you can maximize your transfer and transformation—at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

“When I started college originally
I was 19. I kept changing my mind
on what I wanted to be when I
grew up, and kept changing my
major. I am very glad that I’ve come
back. It’s been nagging at me all this
time. When you take surveys and
have to mark down ‘level of education,’
it irks me. I have 150 credits and have
‘some college.’ It’s easier for me to
prioritize and do my work now, even
though I work full time and have two
kids. To go back is very exciting for
me: to finish, to have that sense of
completion. I’m excited to see what
doors will open once I have the
degree. I think when employers see
that you’ve committed to finishing
a job that you’ve started, it says a lot
about you. It shows determination.
I would say ‘do it.’ Just get it done.
I didn’t know how I would handle this
all, but I did it.”

Brandi Brooks
Individualized Degree Program, 2015